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Co-founders Julia Fry and Wendi Winkler combine respective design and chemistry careers to invent and manufacture formulas at the Puretergent headquarters in Oakland, California.


Lifestyle and solution performance needs are informed by a diverse customer base of artisans, eco-resorts, Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury hospitality, greywatered fruit orchards, community laundries, student refill kiosks, and California preschoolers.

the circular economy

the circular economy.

Puretergent products are all biodegradable and greywater safe so households or institutions can reuse 100% of their laundry effluents for greywater systems, or direct release laundry to landscape.

Our packaging is both reusable & recyclable for zero waste.


Puretergent laundry soap is HE (high efficiency), and concentrated, so can be used in both front & top loaders, as well as standard washing machines.

a sense of comfort.

Definition of comfort:

a state of physical ease, freedom from pain or constraint 


the ease of clean, naturally soft fabrics   

freedom from pain of itchy rashy laundry and surfaces

freedom from the constraints of reducing fresh water


When you wash with Puretergent you smell faint fresh herbs in the washing machine, and just clean fabric when it's done.


What does clean fabric actually smell like?

Cotton and linen smell faintly plant-like, different than wool and silk which are animal hair. Polyester, nylon and Lycra® fibers extruded from petrochemicals smell basically alike once they're washed. Bamboo, rayon, and Tencel™ are made from wood fibers that need a chemical processing bath to produce soft enough fibers to weave into textiles.


Puretergent's comfort is the clean slate for your day

it doesn't pollute

doesn't make you itch

doesn't feel greasy or waxy

doesn't smell fake

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